8 August – The egg…or am I too chicken?

I’ve been contemplating egg donation for a while, but was still feeling vaguely troubled at the idea of parting with my own genetic make-up. Suddenly I was hit by the perfect idea – surrogacy! I had really wonderful, easy pregnancies and births, and I LOVED being pregnant. I am quite happy with my very complete little family of 4 and wonder if it’s time to use my ‘talent’ to help a family in need. My uncle and aunt had serious infertility issues and my heart broke for them. Seeing their pain and desire for a child of their own, especially contrasted with the speed and ease with which I fell pregnant, has really given me a lot of empathy for those with fertility problems.

I’ve spent the last week trawling every internet site I can find from chat rooms to blogs to medical facilities, trying to work out if this is something I can go through with. I mentioned the idea to ‘Dear Husband’ (dh) and he simply remarked ‘as long as somebody else pays for it’. When I asked him if it sounded like a crazy idea he simply said ‘yes’. I guess I can see where he is coming from. But I am confident that I will be able to get his full support if and when I need it… (“Ve haff vays and means…”)

I can’t really adequately explain my emotions at this stage. One minute I feel confident that this is my destiny and that this is something that I should most definitely be doing…the next I get swamped by the enormity of the whole idea and just want to run away and hide. I guess time will tell. I certainly won’t be rushing into any decisions at this stage!


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