20 August – Back to the drawing board…

Well, after pretty much deciding that I wanted to do egg donation first I contacted Nurture to find out about getting the process started, and was told that they are not currently involved with Clinics for Egg Donation in my neck of the woods yet.  Argh.  So back to the drawing board it it then.

I could of course go with another clinic in my area if I had my heart set on egg donation, but I really want to go with Nurture if I can…I really get the impression that they are a fabulous organisation and that I would have a really good experience with them.  So of course it’s back to thinking about Surrogacy.  And man, I want to do it – I really, really want to do it.  I still need to convince my dh of the matter – I have mentioned it a few times and he has theoretically agreed to it – but I do understand that I really need his full backing.  Then of course I need to break the news to friends and family although I’m rather inclined to just wait until the ball is rolling before I do that.  Seems like a nightmare to go through all the big discussions and ‘have-you-thought-it-all-throughs’ when I haven’t even been accepted into the program yet!!!

But we’ll see…still a big maybe, I but I think I’m getting closer and closer every day…

In the meantime, here’s a part of one of the comments I received on my blog…I thought I would use today to answer the questions:

So, what makes a person want to donate an egg or be a surrogate? What does that entail? Is there ever the tendency for surrogate mommies to want to keep the baby they incubated?

Hmm…what made me want to donate egg or be a surrogate?  I’m honestly not sure.  I think it all started with my Uncle and Aunt’s struggle with infertility.  I watched their pain and heartbreak over 10 years as they battled to conceive, only to see my Aunt eventually forced into having a full hysterectomy.  I saw just how badly they wanted a baby of their own to love, and that has really fueled me to help others in similar circumstances.  (BTW my Uncle and Aunt did eventually adopt 2 gorgeous babies, both at just a couple of days old.  They are now 7 and 4 years respectively 🙂  )The fact that I also had such fantastic pregnancies also helps – it makes it seem less of a big deal somehow, to be a surrogate.  Ag I’m not expressing myself well – of course it’s still a big deal, huge in fact, but it’s not as much of a sacrifice as it would be for someone that had really awful, difficult pregnancies, you know?!  Besides, I loved being pregnant and would enjoy another pregnancy!!!

As for what it entails I guess it’s just about wanting to help others acheive their hearts desire…in so doing I would need to be of sound mind and with a healthy body, and willing family. 🙂

And for the last questions – I’m sure we’ve all heard the odd dodgy story about a GS (gestational surrogate) that wants to keep the baby after he/she’s (or they :-p) born, it’s not impossible – but it’s not something I’m at all concerned about.  I have my own kids, and they’re just perfect for me.  Plus, this is not something I want to do out of some misguided sense of broodiness – my motivation is purely to help, to make a difference somehow, and to make some family incredibly happy 🙂

Hope that helps somewhat – would love any comments or thoughts 🙂

Have a happy day…


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8 Responses to “20 August – Back to the drawing board…”

  1. bumpfairy Says:

    Ahh! You read Tertia! We have that in common as well!

    Whatever you decide, good luck to you. I don’t think I could ever do egg donation as to me that is the harder road to travel.

  2. Rayven, 2x Gestational Surrogate Says:

    Congrats on your decision!

    You will hear that “is it hard to give up the baby” line more than any other one….just tell them “actually, you get much more attached to the parents”

    Sounds like you are right on track for getting started! If you need any help, or have any questions, holler. I’ve had twins and a singleton via surrogacy.

  3. pvedmom Says:

    Hi there — If you are under 32 and are healthy you’d make a great egg donor. And you sound like you’d be a delightful, down-to-earth, wonderful gestational carrier:) I wish you the best!

  4. eggorchicken Says:

    Thanks so much for the comments ladies, great to hear from you all!!

    Bump Fairy – yep, love Tertia 🙂 And Nurture – all the ladies are doing a fabulous job there!

    Rayven – thanks so much for the offer, I think I might just take you up on that, will definitely be great to hear as much as I can on the subject!

    Pvedmom – thank you so much for your kinds words!

  5. Murgdan Says:

    Thanks for the comments! Good luck with your donor program too.

    Ironically it was my genetics teacher giving the lesson on reproductive science and stating ‘some egg donor programs will not accept your eggs if you are over the age of 28’ that finally made me say ‘YIKES my eggs are approachign middle age’ maybe we’d better start talking about having kids….

    And then I cracked the joke “yeah, we’ll probably finally decide we want them and won’t be able to get pregnant”….
    Ahem. and here I am.

  6. monica lemoine Says:

    Thx for the enlightenment, Eggor Chicken. I’m understanding more now. And yes, you will certainly make some famil(y)(ies) very, very happy! This seems like a brave thing to do – yay for you for trying!

  7. IVF Land on Surrogacy World Says:

    Check out the website http://www.ipsexpectmiracles.com they have a Dear Surro and Dear IP section where you can ask a question (anonymously if you want) and others that have been an experience IP our Surrogate will answer the question.

  8. Shell Says:

    Hi Yvy..

    I would really like to chat.. please email me on s-farham@telkomsa.net

    I have some NEWS for you!


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