7 September – The Waiting Game..

So, I still haven’t heard anything from my dear husband since our Big Chat.  And to my credit I haven’t even asked him anything about it – I’m pretty proud of myself because even though it’s only been 5 days or so it feels like WEEK have passed and I spend a good part of the day doing the verbal equivalent of sitting on my hands, to stop myself from asking him, all because I swore to myself that I would not nag or sway his decision in any way.  So, yah…5 days on and so far so good.

I was very excited because yesterday he asked me a question about losing pregnancy weight without breastfeeding to help, so it’s obviously still on still on his mind, yayness 😉  Keep those good thoughts coming…!

Other than that I’m afraid I really don’t have anything to report!  I had a fabulous week-end, yesterday my dh and I went out for lunch with the IL’s.  We left the kids with my folks and it was really nice – it’s the first time we’ve seen the IL’s without the kids since my daughter was born 3.5 years ago!  It was quite bizarre to actually be able to sit and chat, without constantly being interrupted, lol.  TOday dh took the kids for a few hours while my mom, sister and I went to watch Mamma Mia.  Wow, I LOVED it!  It is a complete chick flick but load of fun! I’m a one of those very uncool-self-confessed-ABBA-addicts, and have always been, even when it was completely unfashionable, so I’m pretty happy with this turn of events, lol.

Keep those good thoughts coming… 🙂



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3 Responses to “7 September – The Waiting Game..”

  1. Shell Says:

    Good to hear that things are on track! Lets hope it keeps going! xxx

  2. Monica Says:

    Man, the communicative waiting game! Isn’t marriage weird like that? You’d think we would all talk to each other directly, us married couples, but of course it always has to be more complicated than that. I’m going thru something similar now, in terms of the waiting game. I’ve been telling my man that we need to start SORT OF paying attention to when we do the wild thing, because it’s probably time to start trying again for a rugrat if we’re going to do it. I don’t want to nag him about it, like COME ON DUDE, I’m in that fertile window! That window of hope! Let’s do it! But then again, he isn’t being very responsive about the whole thing, so I’m stuck playing that waiting game. Ah well, best just to drink wine and see what happens. I guess.

  3. robynanne Says:

    Good job on sitting on your, um, well, ya. LOL! I’m glad to hear he isn’t ignoring it hoping it will go away too. I hope he comes to a conclusion (the right one, of course! LOL!) soon.

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