21 September – Nothing to report yet, but a quick question!

So dh STILL hasn’t said anything more to me about the whole surrogacy thing.  We do both keep dropping the possibility in conversation though so I presume that means the idea is still floating around there somewhere.  Here’s hoping it anchors itself fairly soon, I’m itching to get this off the ground now!! 😉

For those of you that have done IVF’s or Surrogacies – roughly how often can I expect to be going to a FS?  (daily, weekly, thrice-weekly etc)  I know it’ll be hard to predict exactly but I don’t have the faintest idea, so any comments/guidelines would be appreciated.  Other than daycare (my son goes 3 times per week from 8-12) I don’t really have too many other opportunities to have him babysat – my mom works, and MIL although a very keen babysitter is also a jetsetter and therefore not often available. 🙂

Is it reasonable to assume that I’d be able to fit most of my appointments within my son’s schooling hours?  Otherwise that could really be a spanner in the works considering his hours of schooling will only be extended (to 5 days per week, still only 4 hours per day though) in about 18 months time!!

I would almost certainly be able to find people to help out for the odd appointment here and there, but really don’t want to put people out too much!

Please comment if you can, I’d really appreciate the help, ta!


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4 Responses to “21 September – Nothing to report yet, but a quick question!”

  1. N Says:

    Before the cycle you will have to:
    1) Have whatever medical tests/procedures the doctor requirements (this was a hysteroscopy and blood work for us)
    2) Have a psych eval (required by our clinic) – must go in person
    3) Have legal paperwork done (our surro met with the attorney over the phone)

    During the 1-2 month cycle you will have to:
    1) go to a training appointment
    2) go to a baseline appointment to make sure you are suppressed
    3) go to maybe 3 appointments to check your lining progress
    4) go to transfer
    5) go for 2 beta blood tests (different days)
    …so there are a lot of appointments during the cycle. This assumes that you are not stimulating eggs and are just a gestational surrogate. There are many more if you are stimulating eggs.

    If you are pregnant you will have:
    1) Ultrasounds at least at 6, 8 and 10 weeks (maybe more if you are spotting or anything)
    2) Monthly ultrasounds until about 6 months then twice a month. We have always had twice a month since the 14th week because it’s twins (you will have more appointments with twins)
    3) With twins, we will have TWO appointments PER WEEK starting about 32 weeks for non stress tests.

    So there are a lot of appointments. But you can probably do most during the day when kids are at school. Fertility clinics in the beginning are the hardest because they have less flexibility usually. I would recommend that you work into your contract that your IPs need to cover babysitting fees for any appointments outside a specified time. Our surro’s mom lives close by and has covered most of the appointments (or her DH) which has been an ENORMOUS help. But I know most people are not that lucky so you are wise to consider this. I’ve been surprised how many appointments there have been.

  2. Shell Says:

    Hi there, I had to see my gynae on day ten to check my linning. If all is well, then, I did not see anyone till the day of the IVF transfer which was in JHB.. My doc prefered to see me as his first patient, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.. Hope this helps..


  3. eggorchicken Says:

    Oh wow really, is that all?
    I was picturing being in and out of doctor’s offices all the time! That’s great news, thanks 🙂

  4. eggorchicken Says:

    Thanks so much N for the detailed feedback, that really does help me alot. And although those are quite a few appointments it definitely seems manageable!!!


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