22 September – Oh for Pete’s sake!

ARGH! Someone hand me a gun!!

So if you’ve been following this blog you know I’ve been doing the verbal equivalent of sitting on my hands to stop myself from nagging my dh for an answer about being a Surrogate.  Yesterday we were having a conversation where I felt I could bring it into the conversation and it went something like this:

Me: Love, I’m NOT asking for an answer here, I was just wondering how you’re coming along in thinking about the whole surrogacy thing?

Dh: Oh. Erm. That? I actually haven’t thought about it.

Me: WHAT??


Dh: Well. You just never brought it up again so I figured you’d moved on.


Seriously. He just. Didn’t. Think about it. After I was so, so, so abundantly clear that this is something I desperately want to do. After I *told* him I wouldn’t be bringing it up again because I didn’t want him to be hen-picked into a decision. I *told* him I would wait for him to bring it up.


Do you ever get the feeling that men just don’t ‘get’ us. Or did he just not listen?

Anyhow, so we have now chatted again, and I have told him I *will* keep nagging him and reminding him to think about it, so hopefully we’ll get somewhere.

I can’t believe that by being so patient I just lost a whole 3 weeks. But anyhow, I will let it go – at least now I know so we can move forward.



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3 Responses to “22 September – Oh for Pete’s sake!”

  1. Shell Says:

    Ai, what can I say?? Men.. cant live with them, cant live without them!!

  2. Sherry Says:

    Unfortunately the putting it off thing, the not thinking about it thing, the “I thought you moved on” thing – totally genetic. There are some ways we just are sometimes doomed to go round in circles with the men we love. Something about Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus…

  3. monica lemoine Says:

    hahahahaaa! I mean, it’s not funny, but it’s freakin’ funny! Men are from Mars, there is now doubt. Your story is proof that we live on different planets.

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