6 October – Excited!!!

Well, as you can imagine I’ve been doing nothing but eating, sleeping and dreaming surrogacy for the past while!  I’m getting so, so excited to take things to the next level!

I got some amazing advice (thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies that posted!) on my last post and have decided that as this is something I truly, deeply want to do I am going to go with my gut and Just Do It.  As I mentioned before the things that have been worrying at me a little bit aren’t the major things – they’re the details.  And the more I think about it the more I know I can live with them!

Next step now is the big phonecall with the agency.  They usually do a one-on-one meeting but seeing as there are about 1300km between us we’ll do a phonecall ‘interview’ first, and if things go well then we’ll consider when and how to take it to the next level.

In the meantime I’ve also decided to book an appointment with my own gynae.  I would really like someone that knows me and my history (CIN1, pregnancies etc) to give me an opinion on being a gestational surrogate.  He can also do a pap to ensure that all is good before I cost anyone else time and money for nothing!  My appointment is booked for next Friday, so I’ll update as and when I get results!  Please cross fingers that I get a green light – I trust and value this man very much so if he tells me not to take this any further I’ll have to believe he has very good reason for saying so!  That said though I’ve carried two incredibly easy and healthy pregnancies to term though, so I can’t imagine why there would be any issues!

I’ll update after Wednesday’s phonecall 🙂


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6 Responses to “6 October – Excited!!!”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Hey – so excited for you to finally be starting down this path!

    Good luck with the phone interview, I’m sure it will go great!

    And – I truly think you are wonderful for even thinking of doing this!

  2. S Says:

    I am super excited for you! I think that you are making an emazing decision!

  3. keystoclaritycoach Says:

    Good luck! Your excitement is infectious!

    Coach Louise


  4. Monica Says:

    Yay for you! I guess you’re not “too chicken” as your title suggests.

  5. eggorchicken Says:

    Lol Monica, I *hope* not 😉

    Thanks ladies!!!

  6. Shaz Says:

    Can’t wait to hear how your interview goes on Wednesday.
    All the best!!!

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