15 October – Things in the pipeline..

Things are moving along as smoothly as can be expected!

1. I have an exam scheduled with my own gynae this week friday.  This is not in any way a requirement of the agency, but I just felt it makes sense to speak to someone that knows my full history and has only *my* interests at heart about this decision.  Since the CIN1 I also never miss an opportunity to go for a check-up, so it seemed like a good idea all around.

The only spanner in the works is that when I made the appointment 3 weeks ago I accepted the first available slot and never considered where I would be in my cycle.  True as nuts I’m due to come on any day now, and have experienced mild cramping all morning.  I’m still sitting tight and holding thumbs that AF does not arrive before Friday, but I know Murphy and his stupid Law so chances are it’ll happen. *sigh*.  In that case I’ll phone the gynae’s offices and ask if I can reschedule.  I really want to get this done asap though so here’s hoping…!

2. I have finally managed to secure an appointment for my psychological screening.  This will happen next Wednesday morning.  Once my I’ve finished the consult I can apparently expect it to takes up to 2 weeks for the report on me to be compiled and filed with the agency, so I won’t be holding my breath.

3. I’ve approached a couple of friends and family members to compile some references for me, which the agency also requires.  I’m hoping to be able to send these to the agency within the next few days.

Once all the above are sorted (and assuming everything is in order) we’ll start planning my trip to Cape Town / Johannesburg for my medical workup, meeting with lawyers and a social worker – and to meet IP’s!!!  I’m so very excited about that trip, can’t wait for things to get moving now.

BUT in the meantime we are getting there..that’s the main thing!

Please send non-AF vibes until Friday lunchtime, lol.


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4 Responses to “15 October – Things in the pipeline..”

  1. monica lemoine Says:

    You know you can count on all your trustworthy blog readers for a reference, too. Just send ’em over here if they have questions about your blog-o-riffic blogging abilities (in case that’s something they care about).

  2. Leandre Says:

    Sending major non-af vibes.. I can totally understand wanting your own gynae to check things out.

    I can imagine the excitment about everything and meeting your IP’s.. i would be bouncing off the walls

  3. Shaz Says:

    I’ll cross AF fingers for you if you do the same for me. I’m hoping to fit in a pap during my consult tomorrow so praying AF continues to stay away.
    Great to hear all is moving along fairly smoothly, I can imagine how excited you must be.
    All the best!

  4. S Says:

    Sounds like things are starting to move along. Hopefully AF has good timing this month anc comes after your appointment!

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