25 October – Pause for thought

To all my valued readers :), sorry I went a bit quiet for a couple of days…I’ve just been busy sorting out what my next step should be.  Thank you for all the comments on my last proper post – I appreciate the thoughts and advice.

I do realise that having a thyroid issue is pretty common and really not a big deal to some, but it’s something that caught me offguard and reasonable or not it’s a pretty Big Deal to me.  Being the good girl that I am I’ve been doing my homework (Google is my friend, lol), and have learnt a few things.

1. I am prone to thyroid problems because my dad is diabetic AND because my dad is hypothyroid.

2. I could be suffering from Postpartum Hypothyroidism, in which case there is a very good chance it’ll disappear on it’s own.

3. However due to 1 & 2 above I am very likely to suffer from Hypothyroidism again in the near future, especially if I have another pregnancy.

Now again, I know many people will think it’s not a big deal.  But to me, having to take synthetic hormones in tablet form for the rest of my life, is a pretty big deal.  I’m a fit(ish), healthy 28 year old.  How can one of my organs just not be efficient enough anymore? At 28??? Gak!

Firstly, the facts.  My TSH levels are fairly high.  TSH is measured by a simple blood test, and “normal” would be a result of 0.3 – 4.2.  My level was 8.7!  There is some controversy over when to start treating but many doctors seem to prefer treating only once levels rise above 10, so I think that’s why I haven’t had treatment shoved down my throat yet.  If left untreated it can obviously start impacting other areas, yet if you treat to soon it can make the thyroid even MORE underactive (because the synthetic hormone (pills) do all the work for you and essentially make the thyroid ‘lazy’.)

I’ve spoken to the agency and they are being really great, and so supportive.  They immediately confirmed with the doctors that yes, it’s common and treatable, and will definitely NOT exclude me from being a surrogate, should I still want to!  So a big YAY for that 🙂 🙂  They do have a couple in mind for me and are obviously quite keen to keep things moving so offered to start seeing to meds for me – but I politely declined. For now.

As I said at the beginning – I’ve done my research.  There are natural ways to improve TSH levels. Firstly I’ve started going for Vitamin B shots again. I’m also taking a multivitamin supplement, plus Omega 3&6 supplements.  I’m drinking rooibos and green tea, and cutting down on coffee.  I’m also trying to have at least a little iodated salt a day.  If after 6 weeks – 2 months my TSH levels are either the same or higher, then I guess I’ll have to start meds…in which case I can then proceed with surrogacy with a ‘clear conscience’, knowing I have tried everything to get my body sorted naturally.

If after my next bloods my levels are significantly lower or even (please, please, please!) back within the normal range…well then my dilemma begins.  Each pregnancy brings a 5-10% risk of developing Hypothyroidism.  Significantly higher if you’ve suffered from it before.  Of those that develop it 25% will have it for life…

BUT I’m getting ahead of myself.  For now I’m really excited that my ‘condition’ won’t exclude me from the surrogacy program, it’s great to know that the choice will be mine.  Now I have a few weeks to just focus on kicking my thyroid back into gear.  And in a few weeks I’ll go for another blood test!

Wish me luck!!! 🙂


8 Responses to “25 October – Pause for thought”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I definitely wish you good luck, and no matter what your final decision ends up being, I am still completely in awe of you for even coming this far down the road to surrogacy!

  2. keystoclaritycoach Says:

    Its great to know there are some natural things you can do to support your self with the Hypothyroidism. It sounds like you have a plan! Let us know how you get on. Ttake a moment to acknowledge yourself for taking care of you first, before going ahead with the meds! And I am glad for you that you can still be part of the surrogate program! I am getting a sense of how very important this is for you.

    Coach Louise

  3. keystoclaritycoach Says:

    PS: http://www.lifebalanceinfertilitycoach.wordpress.com ! 😉

  4. N Says:

    I’m glad you have been able to learn more about what is going on and I hope that the natural treatments work well for you! 8.7 is definitely a high number, so I’m glad you are finding out about this now and taking care of yourself. A lot of REs like numbers between 1 and 2, though mine has always been in the 2-3.5 range. The most liberal doctors will say up to 5, so it’s great you are treating it.

    No matter what you decide about the surrogacy, you need to take care of yourself first!

  5. Monica L. Says:

    Good luck, Eggorchicken! Sounds like you’ve done your homework and you’ve got some great naturopathic strategies in the works . Yay, sending you positive thoughts.

  6. Shaz Says:

    All the best Yvonne! Lets hope your next tests reveal much improved results.

  7. Shaz Says:

    Hey Yvonne
    Are you ok? You’ve been awfully quiet latley???

  8. Coach Louise Says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    We’re worried about you, how are you doing?

    Coach Louise x

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