23 February – Officially drug dependant!

So as of 10 days ago I am officially dependant on drugs!  I have been feeling horrendous, really ridiculously lethergic and tired because my hormone levels were so high, but I think the Eltroxin may finally be kicking in now as today I woke up with more energy than I’ve had in weeks!  I had a lovely day – Caeli’s preschool was closed for half-term so we had a girly shopping & lunching morning while James went to daycare…it was lots of fun!  We then cleaned the house together, played etc, and I managed to get them all cleaned, bathed, pyjama’d and had a full meal ready by the time my husband got home from work.  I honestly can’t remember WHEN I last managed all that in one day!  So hurray for Eltroxin! 😉

When I had my GP appointment (about 2 weeks ago) I did get a bit of a shock.  I was honestly expecting to just walk in, get a script and walk back out again… but alas.  He was a bit concerned about the size of my thyroid – I don’t have a goiter but when I swallow you can actually see the shape of my thyroid clearly and it is enlarged.  He urged me to have an ultrasound done just to ensure that there are no nasties lurking there.  I just immediately went cold at the thought – but tried to stay calm.  He unfortunately doesn’t have an ultrasound machine so I was sent into town.  I raced through the rush hour traffic and eventually got to the path lab where they gave me all the relevant forms.  The whole thing felt so surreal – my husband and children were with me and I just kept thinking “What if they find something terrible.  What if this is it??”  As the radiographer quietly scanned away at my throat, and then walked out to call the doctor I can honestly say I have never.  NEVER. been so scared in all my life.

The doctor found a cyst.  On the report he says that it is ‘probably a thyroglossal cyst’.  This report was faxed to my GP and he doesn’t seem to concerned, we’ll go over it in detail at my next appointment in 3 months time so I guess I can rest easy for now – but it was not a nice experience at all…and I just hope and pray that this cyst is in fact just a harmless little cyst that MAY even disappear on it’s own.

On surrogacy related news the GP wants me to be on Eltroxin for 3 months before falling pregnant.  I’ll have more bloods in May and if all is looking good then, THEN I’ll finally be able to move forward.  I have contacted my agency and they are being very understanding and supportive.  They have found a new surrogate for the couple I had been tentatively matched with – and I must admit I am overwhelmingly relieved and excited for them!  I was feeling awful at keeping them waiting all this time, so I am so happy to hear they have been matched with someone else and are finally moving forward!


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6 Responses to “23 February – Officially drug dependant!”

  1. N Says:

    oh wow! how scary! I hope the cyst is nothing to worry about and that you get more answers soon. I’m glad that the agency has relieved you of the “pressure” of keeping the couple on hold – I can imagine how that would make you feel while you are taking care of these other things! I’m sure you’ll find another great couple when you are ready!

  2. Shaz Says:

    That sounds terrifying!!! So glad to hear that its not as serious as first thought.
    All the best for your journey!

  3. Maggie Says:

    Wow…I hope the cyst is not an issue and everything comes out okay.
    I too am hypothyroid (since birth) but am managing it via prescription meds (levothryoxin). I am also looking into becoming a gestational surrogate and was just googling to see what if anybody had anything to say, and here you are! I will be reading your blog now to see what I can learn from you. 🙂

  4. Kirsty Says:

    oh – a cyst found anywhere from a scan is scary! My 5 year old son has a cyst in his brain. Not sure if its nothing, or if its something more serious! Just have to play the waiting game!
    Thinking of you whilst you also play a waiting game…x

  5. Journeyofhope Says:

    Hopefully u are doing ok. I am sorry to hear about the cyst. Big hugs lady!

  6. minkynoo Says:

    Came across your blog today, i am also on Eltroxin for my UnderActive thyroid, i also felt much better after starting to take it

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