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5 January 2010 – Apologies!!

January 5, 2010

Okay I have to admit it – I’ve been a terrible blogger.  Sis on me!

I must apologise for my extended silence on the whole surrogacy issue.  I am still so keen to go ahead with it, although I must say the longer it’s taken me to get going the more doubts have crept into me head.  I’m terrified for all the meds & injections, and keep wondering whether it’s fair on my kids to go through it all.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have any qualms about them ‘going through’ the surrogacy journey with me (ie experiencing mommy being pregnant without a baby at the end), I know that they will deal with that and be fine.  What worries is me is that there are potential complications to even the easiest of pregnancies – and I just can’t foresee what might happen.  What if I get put on 10 weeks of bedrest? etc etc.

Suffice to say it is a huge commitement and as much as part of me longs to do it, I am still grappling with it.

I keep thinking that if it was for someone that I knew already, then all these doubts would just disappear.  If my sister, or cousin or friend asked me to do this for them I would agree in a heartbeat.  But to take all these hypothetical scenarios, when I don’t even know how/when/by whom I might get picked…it really just makes it all the harder.

Anyway, for now I’m on an enforced ‘cool down’ period anyway.  My dear hubby is feeling the effects of sleep deprivation quite dearly because my dear son (2.5 years) is still such a shocking sleeper.  Hubby declared that he cannot deal with a non-sleeping toddler as well as  a pregnant wife, so we will look at it once the little one starts sleeping a bit better.

Hopefully that’ll happen one of these days… 🙂 🙂