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23 February – Officially drug dependant!

February 23, 2009

So as of 10 days ago I am officially dependant on drugs!  I have been feeling horrendous, really ridiculously lethergic and tired because my hormone levels were so high, but I think the Eltroxin may finally be kicking in now as today I woke up with more energy than I’ve had in weeks!  I had a lovely day – Caeli’s preschool was closed for half-term so we had a girly shopping & lunching morning while James went to daycare…it was lots of fun!  We then cleaned the house together, played etc, and I managed to get them all cleaned, bathed, pyjama’d and had a full meal ready by the time my husband got home from work.  I honestly can’t remember WHEN I last managed all that in one day!  So hurray for Eltroxin! 😉

When I had my GP appointment (about 2 weeks ago) I did get a bit of a shock.  I was honestly expecting to just walk in, get a script and walk back out again… but alas.  He was a bit concerned about the size of my thyroid – I don’t have a goiter but when I swallow you can actually see the shape of my thyroid clearly and it is enlarged.  He urged me to have an ultrasound done just to ensure that there are no nasties lurking there.  I just immediately went cold at the thought – but tried to stay calm.  He unfortunately doesn’t have an ultrasound machine so I was sent into town.  I raced through the rush hour traffic and eventually got to the path lab where they gave me all the relevant forms.  The whole thing felt so surreal – my husband and children were with me and I just kept thinking “What if they find something terrible.  What if this is it??”  As the radiographer quietly scanned away at my throat, and then walked out to call the doctor I can honestly say I have never.  NEVER. been so scared in all my life.

The doctor found a cyst.  On the report he says that it is ‘probably a thyroglossal cyst’.  This report was faxed to my GP and he doesn’t seem to concerned, we’ll go over it in detail at my next appointment in 3 months time so I guess I can rest easy for now – but it was not a nice experience at all…and I just hope and pray that this cyst is in fact just a harmless little cyst that MAY even disappear on it’s own.

On surrogacy related news the GP wants me to be on Eltroxin for 3 months before falling pregnant.  I’ll have more bloods in May and if all is looking good then, THEN I’ll finally be able to move forward.  I have contacted my agency and they are being very understanding and supportive.  They have found a new surrogate for the couple I had been tentatively matched with – and I must admit I am overwhelmingly relieved and excited for them!  I was feeling awful at keeping them waiting all this time, so I am so happy to hear they have been matched with someone else and are finally moving forward!


17 January – My thyroid…and Wouter!

January 17, 2009

I’m convinced my meds are working!!! I’m still a bundle of energy, and I swear my thyroid was looking slightly smaller this morning! Yippeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂

Little Wouter is doing pretty well!! He’s eating a bit again, and responding basically as well as can be expected due to the chemo.  We’re all praying very hard for him and would love it if you could the same.  His mom has just started her own blog chronicling his story, so please mosey on over and give some encouragement to the family: Krokkenoster – Wouter’s Story.

Also, I’m unbelievably excited that one of my favourite bloggers – S & B from “Our Surrogacy Journey of Hope” blog – will finally be meeting her baby daughter, anytime now.  She announced about 4 hours ago that things are finally happening, so here’s sending wonderfully easy and special birth vibes their way!  Go and give them some love, this really has been a long journey for them!  I should be sleeping now in fact, but I just can’t seem to stop refreshing their page waing for an update!!! Very exciting stuff 🙂

15 January – Updated update!

January 15, 2009

Justs after posting my update yesterday my homeopath called me.  I had assumed I didn’t have Hashimoto’s as he had said he would call me, and it’s been 10 days since the blood test, but he DID call yesterday to say sorry that he hasn’t been in touch but that he had been called out of town on an emergency.

He says my bloods do indicate a ‘slight Hashimoto’s’ (normal bloods would be under 20, extreme is in the 1000’s…mine was in the 100’s), so I went to collect some additional meds yesterday and now we’re hoping this will work.  So another month from now and hopefully we’ll know what’s happening. 🙂

14 January – Tardy Update

January 14, 2009

Yes I know I said I’d let you know – I am tardy and I apologise!  😉

Firstly, little Wouter 😦  Unfortunately they did find another tumour, on his heart now.  The scary thing is that it wasn’t there one week, and suddenly the next week it was there and already 3x3cm.  He has now begun Chemo and we can only hope and pray that this little guy stays strong and fights.  He had his second week of chemo yesterday and is at home now, tired and weak but otherwise doing ok.  Please, please pray that the chemo shrinks especially the heart tumour as clearly surgery is not an option there.

The family are being so brave and strong, but of course this is incredibly difficult for them so please lift them up in prayer and help them to be strong for their little boy, and their healthy little daughter (1year) who is too young to realise what is happening.

On to my surrogacy update – my news wasn’t great unfortunately.  I went for my bloods about 10 days ago and the levels (which we were hoping would drop substantially) actually rose ever so slightly 😦  The homeopath thought that might indicate Hashimoto’s so I went for a blood test but it appears not to be the case!  He has now started me on a different set of meds and oh my word I am like an energiser bunny at the moment – bouncing off the walls!  I have had endless energy since the day I started the new medication.  I’m desperately hoping this means that the meds are actually working, but of course it could simply meant hat he’s given me something with loads of caffeine in, lol, but I really am feeling amazing.  I’ve been spring-cleaning my house, cooking and baking elaborate meals, staying up late reading and waking refreshed and energized in the mornings.  I’ve even restarted my exercise regime and am LOVING it!  So here’s hoping THESE will be the meds to sort me out! 🙂

I need to go back to see the homeopath in early Feb so find out whether the meds are working so please keep those fingers crossed.  I’m desperate to meet my IP’s and continue down the surrogacy road now, I literally feel like a horse at the Durban July – in the starting blocks and prancing from foot to foot, just straining to get out!!! 🙂

28 December – Christmas Wishes..!

December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you all had wonderful Christmas’s.

Personally I was blessed with a lovely family Christmas and was spoiled rotten too, but there was a very dark cloud hanging over my Christmas.  About a week ago my friend’s 3 year old son (he is 9 days older than my daughter!) lost his appetite and had a slightly funny tummy.  My friend wasn’t too alarmed as her husband had also been a bit unwell, but decided to take him to the doctor as they were meant to be going away for Christmas so she thought she may as well get him sorted.  The doctor detected that Wouter’s stomach was rather swollen and sent him for further testing.

They found a mass ‘hiding’ behind his liver, and this little boy has been diagnosed with cancer.  As you can imagine the family is reeling with shock.  One week ago the family was picnicing and her little boy was running around having fun.  Yesterday he was too tired to even walk to the bathroom on his own – very scary stuff.  I have started a Facebook prayer group for him, so please if you are so inclined mosey on over and have a look at his story – this little boy truly needs a miracle and can use any prayers he can get! (

My heart is breaking for this family and it terrifies me to see how quickly everything can change.  I’m trying very hard to learn a lesson from this – to learn not to take my family for granted, to learn to not sweat the small stuff etc… but at the same time find it so grossly unfair that they have to endure this.  It’s very hard.

Little Wouter is undergoing a biopsy of the tumor early tomorrow morning (8.30am South African time:GMT-2) so please think of him and pray that the results come out ok.  The family should also be receiving results from a bone marrow biopsy he had done on Saturday to check whether the cancer has metastasized, so please hope that those come back clear.

On the surrogacy front I am still faithfully taking my thyroid meds every day and absolutely BURNING to get back on the horse now.  The more time I’ve had to think over this whole surrogacy story the more I know that this is something that I just have to do.  I want to start NOW!  My next bloods are scheduled for Friday, 2 January, and then I’ll get the results on Monday the 5th.  At the very least I’m hoping that my hormone levels will have dropped at least a little bit, but ideally I’m hoping against hope that they’ll be hovering somewhere around the ‘2’ mark.  (normal is 0.3 – 4.2, mine 10 weeks ago were 8.7)  I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know more.

Please don’t forget to check in on Wouter now and again – and pass on the word to anyone and everyone that will listen.  This little man really needs a miracle.

24 November – Still alive and kicking!

November 24, 2008

Thanks so much to Shaz and Coach Louise for your concern 🙂

I am absolutely fine and have just been busy as all heck – I’ve also been away down the coast on holiday and had a lovely relaxing time with loads of sun, sea and swimming…HEAVENLY!

The main reason I haven’t posted is because I haven’t had too much to say.  Life is carrying on as usual but I cannot really continue with the surrogacy until my thyroid has been sorted out one way or another.

I went to a homeopath/iridologist last week and he is VERY confident that we can kick this homeopathically.  I am on all sorts of meds that I need to take throughout the day for 6 weeks – in early January I’ll go back for more bloods to see whether the meds are working or not.  If my levels have continued to rise then I will most likely give in and go onto Eltroxin, however if they have dropped then I will be able to continue with the surrogacy – yay!

I’m still desperate to do a surrogate pregnancy so I’m certain I will go ahead no matter what the outcome – it’s just a waiting game for now.

I’ll definitely keep updating as and when I get new information, but my next bloods will only be in early January so I may be scarce until then.  In the meantime I’ll still be around and checking in on all of you 😉

20 October – Stumbling block??

October 20, 2008

So I went to the gynae on Friday – the idea was to just go for a pap smear and then to chat to him about me doing a surrogacy, given my history etc etc.

Everything went pretty smoothly and while he was examining me he mentioned that my thyroid looks slightly enlarged, and duly did a blood test to check it out.

He phoned me this afternoon.

Now the news isn’t earth-shatteringly awful..but it isn’t great either.

The good news is that my pap is all clear!!!  The not-so-great news is that my thyroid is showing signs of being underactive.  My bloods (showing thyroid hormone) were still in the ‘normal’ realm so the doc isn’t entirely sure what’s happening – I need to go back for more bloods in a couple of months to see where I’m at.

My issue now is that I always maintained I would LOVE to do surrogacy, but my own family must come first.  Apparently if you’re prone to thyroid conditions then every pregnancy poses a significant risk for more thyroid’s not unlikely that I may end up on meds for the rest of my life.

That, especially to someone like me that’s not particularly enamoured by synthetic medicines and hormones etc, is scary.  And I wonder what the longterm effect will be on my family.

At this stage I still don’t know anything.  The news is still sinking in and I’m trying to research it (Google, I should sooo be staying away from Google right now!) – quite possible I’m making a mountain out of a molehill but I do need to research it thoroughly before I take this any further.

I’m feeling a bit deflated right now, I so badly want to see this process through…:(