6 February – An ending…and a new beginning..!

So I had my final homeopath appointment today – and it’s kind of as I suspected: it didn’t work 😦  It’s the end of the road as far as homeopathy is concerned – he had me on the strongest doses of the best stuff and my body simply wasn’t responding.  His opening words were “I wish I had  better news for you” and then he spent a good 20 minutes reassuring me that as chronic meds go Eltroxin is not Such A Bad Thing.

In all honesty I still feel pretty crap about it, but I had a good cry; pulled myself together and told myself it could’ve been much worse – and I do feel loads better now!

Clearly I wish the outcome had been better – but on the upside it is BRILLIANT that I am not in limbo anymore!  I am now free to follow my surrogacy journey, which is fabulous, fabulous news!  My first port of call will be to find a GP I can trust to manage my thyroid (which hopefully shouldn’t take long!), and then I’ll be free to continue this journey that I have as yet only tentatively started.

I can’t wait!

On a completely (and I do mean COMPLETELY!) unrelated note: does anyone have experience with UTI’s / bladder infections?  My daughter has not been herself lately (she’s almost 4), really grumpy, had 2 wee’ing accidents at school the other day (this never, NEVER happens!!!) and is just … I don’t know … off.  She has also mentioned once or twice that her ‘bagina’ (LOL) hurts when she wee’s, but she’s a toddler and they often say these things.  She also doesn’t ACT as thought it’s hurting – she wee’s often and she doen’t in any way clench / grimace / get scared to wee again.  I can’t keep ask her whether it hurts to wee as she *will* say yes no matter what, lol.

I think I might just pop into a pharmacy tomorrow and try to get a strip test to determine any irregularities.  I’ve never suffered from the darned things myself so not really sure what to look out for, but hate the idea that she might just be in pain and I’m not doing anything about it!


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3 Responses to “6 February – An ending…and a new beginning..!”

  1. Shaz Says:

    Yay for finally getting your surrogacy journey under way, I can imagine you must be chomping at the bit to get this going!

    I’ve often found with homeopathic meds that the milder the condition the easier it was to treat with them but for more serious conditions the conventional meds seem to still work best.

    Sorry I can’t help with info on UTI’s, I’ve never ever had one either.
    All the best.

  2. suzannegrove Says:

    Shame, I hope C is feeling better by now!

    It is always sad when one solution doesn’t work but at least you have other options available! Good luck with your journey.

  3. N Says:

    I’m sorry about the homeopathic meds not working – nothing like that has ever worked for me either. But I am excited for your surrogacy journey!

    I don’t know about UTIs with children but I think they can only be treated with antibiotics (prescription). But, you posted this a while back so you have probably solved it by now. Hope she is feeling better!

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